Three New Links

For the week of October 3rd through October 10th!

Welcome to the premiere edition of Three New Links, a small post every Saturday where I offer some link love to three great articles I’ve read during the week. If you’ve come across something spectacular in your own internet travels, please let me know! Send it my way or tweet me the link on Twitter and I’d be happy to take a look at it. You might just see it pop up in one of these eventually!

How to Suck at Launching a Product (Man Vs. Debt)

Whew. Call it a rollercoaster: a steady descent into depression before emerging bright and inspirational at the top. This might be more relevant for bloggers (and utterly terrifying if you’re one of them!), but I think the lesson underneath is worth paying attention to: no matter what happens, don’t give up. Even if you sell only 4 copies of your product on the day it launches.

Genetically Modified Salmon: Everything You Need to Know (GOOD)

The thought of a GMO not being labeled as such in the market irks me like you wouldn’t believe. I doubt it’ll ever go that far, thankfully, but the article is worth reading just to get a good sense for how thoroughly screwy the “food industry” has become.

Don’t Build Walls, Get Naked (Exile Lifestyle)

Colin is two things: a writer of great headlines, and the exact sort of guy you’d love to meet in a bar to randomly discuss philosophy with. Philosophy like the kind contained in this post, which is the exact kind of philosophy we need: simple, easy to grasp, yet still worth thinking on as you try and apply it to your life. Good stuff.

And that’s it for this week! I’d love to hear what you’ve all been reading, so please don’t hesitate to pass some links in my direction. Or post them in the comments so we can all benefit! On Monday I’ll be running a review of my friend Nina’s soon-to-launch eBook called “The Radical Minimalist.” Keep an eye out for it!


  1. Nina Yau says:

    Great links to share with us, Matt, thank you! I like Adam’s post, esp. since today was the launch of my new ebook The Radical Minimalist! Of course, conditions will never be perfect and you can only do so much. Sometimes, you just have to jump. And DO IT.

    So I did. :)

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