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Hello, Stumblers!

Read on for a guide to the best of the best content that Three New Leaves has to offer, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you ever want to say hello or sling a few questions in my direction. Thanks! (And if you like what you see here, why not subscribe using the white bar just above this text?)

Over a year in, I’m happy to report that Three New Leaves is still going strong – a solid fifteen months of sensible, practical advice, and those thoroughly embarassing progress shots that lead to my reputation as the “Half-Naked Blogger.” (Thanks, Twitter!)

The size of the archives might prove daunting, however, to anyone unfamiliar with what I write about. As such, I’ve compiled a decent-sized list of what I think is the best that Three New Leaves has to offer, divided into the three or four sections that make up the core of the content.

To begin, however, you’ll have to allow me one link: The Cave Man(ifesto). It is, in my thoroughly biased opinion, the best thing ever written for this site, and it just so happens to encapsulate everything Three New Leaves is about: balance between the new and old in our approach to food, fitness and technology. Check it out!

And when you’re done:


What we eat is probably the biggest focal point of the blog – judging by the following list, at least, of some of the best food-related posts on this site. Generous portions for everyone!

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Primal, Parts One, Two, and Three
2. A Practical Guide to Paleo, Parts One and Two
3. How to Stop Cheating (On What You Eat)
4. Living Lean: An Interview with John Ngyuen
5. You Have a Choice
6. How to Diet Properly
7. The Absolute Best Question to Ask Before Every Meal
8. The Ugly Truth About Excellent Health (and What to Do About It)
9. The Longest Journey
10. What I Eat
11. The Biggest Change You Can Ever Make For Your Health


I talk more about our approach to exercise than the way we actually do it, admittedly. Still, I think there’s some interesting stuff here, so why not crank out ten pushups while you read?

1. The Cheap-Ass Guide to Getting Fit
2. The Great Big Problem with Exercise
3. Your Body is Weird (And So is Mine!)
4. 5 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You


As befitting the caveman theme, I like to talk about technology – how we use it, how it can help us, and how we spend way too much time Facebook stalking that one guy whose off-hand comment about our hair has stuck with us ever since high school.

1. Close the Laptop (and Change Your Life)
2. Step Away From the Screen
3. How to Recharge
4. 30 Hours, 20,000 Words: A Guide to Getting Things Done
5. Logging Off: The Digital Sabbatical

Inspiration (and Everything Else)

This blog wouldn’t be complete without my catch-all category, right? The posts below are meant to inspire you in every part of your life, and to help you realize that a little simplicity in our daily routine can go a very long way.

1. Words to Remember
2. The One and Only Thing We Need
3. The Incredible Value of Doing Nothing At All
4. What Came Before
5. Take Back the Bedroom (and Keep Out the Screens)
6. Lessons Learned from Six Months on the Couch
7. Three F Words for Happy Living
8. The Incredible Value of Connection

And that’s it! Again, if you have any questions about the content or would just like to stop by and say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you so much, everyone, for coming this far with me, and thank you too to everyone who decides to start walking with me today.

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  1. Chandra says:

    Its great to see you’re still going strong, Matt! Sorry for being such a stranger (I seriously work ALL the time now) but I do try to pop in every week or so and browse the new postings. :D

    I gotta ask tho, so what are your future plans? Any more traveling? Or are you planting some …wait for it… roots? (I had to!!!) ^_^

    • Matt Madeiro says:

      Haha! My roots are planted for the moment (nice one!), though I’m cooking up something exciting for the first half of 2012. :D It’s still up in the air, admittedly, but I’m looking to announce it something early next year. Exciting things await!

      Thanks for being a loyal support, Chandra. :) And thank you for popping up again! I just realized that I owe you some books, haha, so consider myself officially reminded to send them out soon.

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  3. Alexandra says:

    Hello Matt!
    You look really great! and you did it all by yourself! the ideas are very up to life! all that jims, diets ,health pills -they are just about the money!
    will keep reading and following,i guess :)
    greetings from Russia!