This little ebook — my first! — is the culmination of about eight solid months of simplifying, of peeling back all the layers of complexity and bad information that tend to get piled on in modern life.

Life gets confusing. Life gets messy. You know it, I know it, and we both know it’s not an understatement to say that sometimes it’s a huge pain in the ass just to find our bearings in a world that never sleeps.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Eight months before I wrote Simpler, I was overweight. I was surrounded by piles upon piles of crap that I’d collected over four years at university, and I was struck every day with a feeling that we should all be familiar with: I felt like there wasn’t enough hours in the day.

I decided to change. I had to change. I spent months reading, researching, and thinking about how I lived my life — how I wanted to live my life. Through it all, I came to realize a few things.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. It’s easy to think otherwise when we’re bombarded each day with bad ideas and conflicting information.

Hell, maybe it can be simple. And so I decided to simplify.

This book is the result. I’m offering it now with the hopes that it might show you a few tricks I picked up on my journey to a happier, stronger me.

Are you unhappy? Overweight? Don’t fall into the usual trap of piling on weight-loss goals, pursuing them doggedly for a few weeks, and then feeling the sting of defeat whenever life inevitably gets in the way.

Change your life. Simplify your life. Realize that strong, vibrant health — and strong, vibrant living — doesn’t have to be difficult.

You know what? I think they can be simple.

And hey! This book can help.

What’s Inside

Simpler Health: a discussion on food, drink, and the simple exercises I’ve used over the last eight months to get in the absolute best shape of my life.

Simpler Stuff: a frank look at the two activities we’ve made integral to modern life: buying and selling. Tips, too, on how to declutter the crap you already have and start focusing on the things you need — the things you can’t buy in the first place.

Simpler Life: words on making time and making each day as meaningful as the last.

There are eighty pages total, here, of ideas. Some might be familiar to you, and some you may have already worked into your daily routine. In either case, though, I think the book can offer something new, and I sincerely hope it can aid you in your quest to live a simpler, happier life.

Get the book!

Ready to read it? Click here to get the goods! If you want to keep a copy on your hard drive, you’ll have to right-click that link and select “Download Linked File” or “Save File As.”

And if you enjoy it, please help spread the word! Tweet this post to your followers (use that nifty button down below!), email the book to friends, or even write a review and pass me the link. Provided it doesn’t say I’m the worst writer ever and make me cry myself to sleep at night, I’d be happy to include it in this post and link back to your site!

Likewise, if you really like what I’ve done here and want to support my future work, feel free to use this link and send me a small donation. I don’t have a set amount or anything, and I know money is tight for most people, but every little bit helps.

Lastly: thank you. For reading the book, for one, and for any donations you might send my direction.


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  4. john says:

    i love the philosophy,,,Simpler,,,
    i love simplicity,and proud of it…i you want to have everything,nothing is all you will,,,want nothing,and youll have more than you dream