99% of the content on Three New Leaves is offered squeaky clean and free of charge. That’s quite a bit of content to chew through, so why not check the Start Here page to get a glimpse of the archive?

I also offer two books, both of which go far more in-depth with a lot of the ideas discussed on this site. Read on! (There’s a third one in the works, but that’s definitely a secret.)



Roots is about the middle. This book is about balance — about realizing, now, that our world is full of technological marvels, but that we as humans are suffering more than ever before. It’s a call to return to our roots in a variety of ways: in how we eat, in how we sleep, and even in how we bathe, offering several practical tips on how to change — simplify — each for the better.



Simpler, my first eBook, is my story: how I went from being overweight, unhappy and surrounded by crap to the person I am today. It’s an enormously practical guide to how you can do the same, offering several easy steps towards a happier, healthier you. And it’s free! Which is awesome. (So awesome, in fact, that it’s been translated into Italian. Russian version coming soon!)