You’re Not Weird

Sometimes, I think, we all need a little reminder.

If you do this:

1. You pass on the plate of cheap, mass-produced cookies.

2. You opt to walk for an hour instead of hopping in a cab.

3. You see fields of tall, rolling green, and pull your car over to go curl your bare toes in the grass.

4. You skip a meal because, well, you’re just not hungry.

5. You spy a ten-pound sledgehammer in your garage, do a small jig, and dive into an impromptu workout.

6. You politely decline the cheap cupcake your office offers to celebrate your birthday.

7. You drink your coffee black.

8. You prefer standing to sitting for hours on end.

9. You spend thirty minutes detailing your approach to health and nutrition while sipping a beer and eating a fantastic hamburger (remember: make it count).

10. You spend a night in, sometimes, because you’d rather read a new book than go get absolutely hammered.

11. You bounce off the walls at the thought of making home-made kefir.

12. You stop mid-run to play on the slide at your local playground (and maybe bust out pull-ups on one of the bars).

13. You kick up into a handstand at every possible opportunity (but especially in the office).

14. You relish the idea of trying a new spin on offal or other ‘unconventional’ animal products.

15. You feel like your mouth might explode with unbearable sweetness whenever you taste the occasional cola or candy.

16. You insist that your children eat real, natural food, and not the processed crap shoved off on them by family and friends.

17. You sneak the occasional piece of unwashed produce to add more bacteria to your diet.

18. You would rather own a full-on orchard or farm than some big, empty house.

19. You go to great (sometimes illicit) lengths to track down raw dairy or pastured eggs.

20. You prefer Paleo blogs over even the local newspaper whenever you get time to read.

Then you need to know this:

You’re not weird. You’re not strange. You should never feel guilty, embarrassed, or just a little bit uncomfortable when you do any of the above, and you should never change what you’re doing to fit the expectations of everyone else.

But here’s the thing, friend. You’re not normal, either. You’re something altogether different — you.

Call that deep, if you want, but I’d prefer we call honest. You’re strong, healthy, and confident in the choices you’ve made, and you’re not unsettled at all when the people all around you — the slow-moving, unhealthy sorts who’d rather watch American Idol than take a long walk in the evening sun — point and stare.

Don’t ever forget this.

You’re not weird. You’re you. And last I checked, that’s all you ever need to be.


  1. Theresa says:

    Aw, this was great. Thanks, Matt. I needed this.

  2. Sabrina says:


  3. chuck says:

    i saw myself in so many of those points. nice post.

  4. andrea says:

    sometimes it is so nice to have that reminder…especially in the midst of packing for a trip and my food bag weighs more than my checked luggage. thanks so much!

  5. Katie F says:

    Matt, this was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Your timing is perfect for me. Your travels bringing you to Richmond VA anytime soon?

  6. Karen P. says:

    #17 made me LOL! So true! I just had miner’s lettuce (foraged) with leftover carnitas and I love thinking about all the good bugs on it.