FREE GIVEAWAY: The Primal Blueprint and Primal Blueprint Cookbook! (CONTEST CLOSED)

UPDATE: Contest now closed! Thanks for entering, everyone. I’ll be picking a winner in the next week. :)

Let’s call it a Primal package.

So! You’ve digested my three-part guide on the Primal way of life, feeling knowledgeable enough to call yourself a certified caveperson and explain — in reasonable, not insane-sounding detail — just why you’d rather not pitch in for bagels at the office.

It’s a great start. When it comes down to convincing friends and family, however, you might need a little more oomph — a little more info back to you up. That’s where the The Primal Blueprint comes in. The author of the book, Mark Sisson, was generous enough to offer me a free copy of both TPB and its companion piece, the The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and trust me when I say that they’re well-worth reading.

And the best part? They can be yours!

I’m keeping this contest pretty simple, ideally so that anyone and everyone can enter and get a chance to grab the goods. Read on!

What You’ll Win

Just to reiterate: a FREE copy of The Primal Blueprint and the The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. This is the ultimate pair, I think, for anyone new to the Primal way of life, and a perfect introduction to the ideas you’ll be using to change your health for the better.

I’m also throwing in a Primal Blueprint-themed poster. It contains the 10 PB rules and a couple of helpful graphics, which makes it a pretty handy reference guide for when you just need a quick refresh on the Primal ideas.

How to Enter

Leave a comment down below.

That’s it. You don’t need to do anything else. I thought about using one of those clever blogging tactics like “sign up for my newsletter to enter the contest,” but I’d genuinely prefer not to limit the number of people willing to actually participate.

But here’s the thing: you can improve your odds of winning.

The contest will end a little over one week from today: Sunday, January 23rd. Starting today, and for each day through Sunday, you can leave one comment on this post to increase your chance of winning.

When the contest closes, I’m going to make a big list of each person who has entered — and the more times you leave a comment, the more times your name will pop up on that list. Simple enough, right?

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends! I’d love to see how far this can go, for one, but I know too that contests have a lot more traction than regular posts, meaning a much broader group of people could get exposed to the Primal way of life.

I’d call that win-win on so many levels.

So! Spread the word as best you can. You have a couple of options:

  • Retweet this post to all of your followers! And more than once, if you’re feeling kind.
  • Stumble it!
  • Word of mouth works too.
  • Like this on Facebook and slip it into not-so subtle messages to Facebook friends who are failing on their New Year’s resolutions!

You get the idea. I appreciate the help, in any case, and helping this travel as far as possible.

Just remember: leave a comment below to get in on the action! The contest ends a little over a week from now, so keep an eye on this space!


  1. Safan says:

    Excellent series of the Primal way of life. I am seriously going to switch over next month after i run the marathon. Good Luck!

  2. I just linked your 3 part guide on my site. I’m going to have to add this giveaway, it’s awesome. I wanna put myself in the running but if I win I’m passing the book on to my father because he can make a huge change in his life with it. Thanks!

  3. Eric says:

    Great series! Keep up the good work.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. And I’d love to have my own copy of Primal Blueprint. I got a copy from the library after reading your articles. Thanks for the introduction!

  5. AwkwardLotharia says:

    I ran across your site and the whole Primal idea several days ago. Then I heard about it again yesterday from my boss. Today it got tweeted by a friend. The world may be small, but I still think you may be on to something!
    Congratulations on your progress. I’m interested in seeing how long and how far this program can go. Your success is inspiring.

  6. Kasey says:

    This would be wonderful to have. I’m actually allergic to dairy and this cookbook would be perfect. Finding healthy non-dairy cookbooks isn’t easy.

  7. Mayness says:

    Oooh, I would love to get the cookbook. I already have the Primal Blueprint, but I’m 100% sure I could find someone to give it if I won another. =] Whether they’d read it or not, who knows…

  8. Ivan says:

    I must admit, eating like a caveman has piqued my interest :D

  9. Colton Osborn says:

    Great series! I’ve come to love the bloggers you mentioned and can’t wait to get into more of your posts!

    Great job man!

  10. Rosie says:

    The primal posts were great :) Keep up the good work, I found your blog a couple of days ago, now working my way into the archives!

  11. I am a recent flexi-Primal convert (I eat some beans) and my body has never been so happy. I would LOVE to win the books, especially the cookbook!

  12. Kyle says:

    After reading your blog and interview with John, I am currently in the middle of a 3-part 30 Day Trial of eating strictly paleo, daily intermittent fasting, and daily HIIT. It has been going well so far, but I have been having crazy sugar/grain cravings! Fruit has helped a lot with that but I have been trying to keep my intake down. Keep up the good work!

  13. Teslaca says:

    I’d love to win this book and the companion cookbook. I’m eliminating wheat from my diet and can use all the recipe ideas I can get.

  14. Dawn says:

    Hey Matt!
    This is so awesome! Thanks to you and Mark for doing this giveaway. I am so looking forward to slowl weaning myself off of grains and legumes (hard to do in this house when I’m the only one doing it) this year. I’ve applied other primal concepts slowly and fairly subconsciously for drastic results already post pregnancy! And I am so hoping to figure out exactly what roles grains will play for my daughter as she starts solids.

  15. Dione says:

    Great contest! Found you through Lean Saloon and currently a daily lurker on MDA. Look forward to reading more…


  16. Amber says:

    Love your post and the simple break down of the primal lifestyle! Passed it on to a few people! Thanks

  17. Karen says:

    Matt, thanks for sharing in more detail what has brought you so much success in the diet arena.

  18. Jeanie says:

    Do you happen to have the Kindle version that you could “loan” for two weeks? That’d be much more fabulous than the physical version. ;)

    Thank you for your thoughtful, highly personable writings. I guess that Professional Writing degree *did* do you some good. :D

  19. Ariana says:

    I loved the primal series – and this giveaway is amazing – I would love tho read those two books :-)

  20. George Phillips says:

    Living primal is so simple and natural. Too years of conventional ‘wisdom’ have been hiding a liberating lifestyle’.

    Over in the UK, in 2009, a new word entered the English language:


  21. George Phillips says:

    Hi Matt, please add a ‘many’ to the ‘too’ in my comment!

  22. Rose says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Count me in :)

  23. David says:

    I’ve been following you for some time now and I think it is time to place a comment on this wonderful site Matt, because it really has Value; it IS value and you share it constantly!

  24. Minimalist Wannabe says:

    I’m presently experimenting with a Primal diet (I’ve discovered new energy and am slowly loosing my extra weight) and just borrowed the Primal Blueprint book from the library…

    I’d love to have a copy of the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, but only if it’s an e-book.
    Like you, I’m on minimalist path. ;)

  25. Sondra Rose says:

    Hey Matt~
    I am *loving* your enthusiasm for spreading the word about Primal living/simplifies living.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  26. Neena says:

    Me, me! :) I’m totally intrigued with this way of life and would really like to try it out. So glad it has worked so well for you. Thanks!

  27. Chandra says:

    Wow, thats awesome. And even more awesome that all you require is for someone to leave a comment! Thanks for being so generous. ;)

  28. Shawna says:

    Thanks again for your intro series!

  29. Laura says:

    Great work Matt… I’m really enjoying these topics actually and a cookbook would really be useful ;)

  30. mayness says:

    I’m entering again. =] Loving your blog so far, btw.

  31. Jorge Reyes says:

    Hey, I would like the books please!

  32. nicolene abdesselam says:

    I;m just past my 2 months of primal eating -haven,t read the book yet so would love to win

  33. Katka says:

    Great contest Matt!

  34. Robin says:

    I already have both books but I would love another set as a primal care package for some people in my life who could benefit from this way of life.

  35. Amy D says:

    excellent website. I have been interested in the primal way of life and this would be a good way to jumpstart my life.

  36. Dione says:

    A second entry to improve my chances!


  37. Megan says:

    Thank you for the guide, I really enjoyed learning more about being Primal.

  38. Laina Lamb says:

    This makes so much sense… and I’d love to win!

  39. Stuart says:

    I already have a copy of the PB, but I would love the PB cookbook. I’ll donate the PB to a good cause (i.e. someone who is living in darkness unaware of the nutritional wonders of the PB)

  40. Rob says:

    I want the book!!

  41. Rob says:

    I really want to win!!

  42. Leslie says:

    I’ve been interested in Primal for a while and having a cookbook of primal recipes would really help me.

  43. Selry says:

    I’ve been trying to keep it all simple for years. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m enjoying watching your journey. Thanks.

  44. Dawn says:

    I wonder if we can bring about some good discussion here too! Since we’re all going to be posting a lot hoping to be the awesome possum winner I was wondering what sorts of benefits you all have experienced since going primal (or for those of you who haven’t, what do you want to experience?)?

  45. George Phillips says:

    Dawn….benefits for me…. Primal one year this February…….blood pressure early last year around 140/90. Routine check last friday; 117/72! ( helps being 42 pounds lighter too!)

    I think Matts blog explains things really SIMPLY!

  46. David says:

    I find really nice truth in these words Matt and I personally have to say that I’ve spent my last week eating Paleo. It feels sooooooo good :) I’m actually on my second week with Paleo diet and intermittent fasting. Goal: 8 weeks or more of this!

    Ps. Can’t wait to read the book Matt!

  47. Rose says:

    Entering again :P =) this is all so exciting!

  48. David says:

    Ps. I’d really love these books! :)

  49. Rob says:

    One thing I hate about being primal and or paleo, is the fact that half the people that I tell about my diet always ask why I am doing such a dumb thing. ” Think of all that fat?” “Why dont you drink juice” “Are you vegan?” “I had a cousin who did diets, not good, he got cancer.”

    Worst of all, my mom thinks I am being stupid, by eating only the foods I eat. She thinks I have some serious nutritional deficiencys. Getting this book will help me convince them.

  50. Megan says:

    Thanks Matt!

  51. Jerry says:

    I have been eating Primal for the last 2 years. I have even run a 100 mile ultra on this diet. I am currently training several other Ultra Runners on this lifestyle. I am proving by example you dont have to be a carb junkie to participate in these type of events. Ultra’s (anything over the marathon distance and run on trails/mountains/woods) are much different than training for marathon as your heart rate is much lower, that you dont stress the adrenal glands and dump cortisol in the system. The other great thing about Ultra’s is that they are run on trails, much easier on the body and you are surrounded by beautiful scenery. The Primal Diet/Paleo is the perfect fit.

    • Dawn says:

      Wow, I’d never heard of this before! How does one go about learning “the ways of Ultra” lol. I’d be interested as in this area we have some gorgeous scenery!

      Thanks for the info everyone! I’m testing the waters of going into the lifestyle so it’s amazing to hear all of your stories!

  52. Laina Lamb says:

    enter me again, please :)

  53. Chandra says:

    Yep, I came back. :)

  54. Eric says:

    Great books for a giveaway.

  55. George Phillips says:

    London calling!

  56. beachrat says:

    Wow this would be great. I have the cookbook already (Christmas present!) so if I were to win you could pick a second winner for the cookbook. Or, I could give the cookbook away to my sister (who gave me the Christmas present!) so she can have one of her own. She eats “real food” mostly but has not gone grain-free (yet!).

    Thanks for doing this, whoever wins will be very lucky!

  57. Mia says:

    That cookbook sounds AWESOME! I think I will get it anyway, but the idea of getting it for free sounds so much more appealing. :)

    I’m currently trying to get my boyfriend into Primal. Doesnt help that he is a personal trainer and has studied the “traditional” version of nutrition. I’m sure that offering to cook would probably sweeten the deal a lot!

  58. BadjellyUK says:

    Love the three part series, would love the books!

  59. Rose says:

    Increasing my chances…. =)

  60. ian says:

    The Primal lifestyle is kickstarting a yearning for a healthier lifestyle in me, fingers crossed for more resources to get started!

  61. beachrat says:

    Another day, another comment — why not?

    Just to keep things interesting, I’m now down 20 pounds from my pre-primal start weight (25 from my heaviest earlier in the year). And I haven’t really started the exercise seriously yet! I know I really need to do that, and have done some indoors work intermittently… been snowed and iced in so many times already this winter, it’s ridiculous!

    At least yesterday I got some natural vitamin D and some exercise combined by clearing the snow off my deck :)

  62. Jody Weyers says:

    This is my first time reading your blog. Some very interesting posts to work toward my goal of 2011 – take more time for me, and live a more simple life.

  63. Laina Lamb says:

    3rd time’s a charm!

  64. I almost picked this up in the bookstore the other day, after following Mark’s blog for a few weeks now. I’ll wait & see if I win this copy, but am looking forward to getting it wither way.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Laurie Berliner says:

    Borrowed this book, and the idea to begin this type of diet, from a friend. So far it’s working! Would love to read it cover to cover.

  66. Ang says:

    I just started reading your blog, and am really enjoying it!

  67. Eric says:

    Trying again!

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  69. beachrat says:

    I read the first part of the three-part guide and printed the e-book Simpler. (Part of my shift to primal is less screen time, on the computer and TeeVee, so that’s why I printed it.) That intro part of the three-part guide is very good for sharing with people who have questions about what I’m doing and why… Thanks!

  70. Chandra says:

    Still trying… I’m persistent. :D

  71. Rose says:

    Still very excited about this!

  72. Hey Matt -

    Thanks so much for the series! I’ve just caught up on them and picked up The Paleo Solution yesterday. I’ve already started tweaking my nutrition to head that way.

    Enjoy the travels!

  73. Laina Lamb says:

    Once more for luck!

  74. AwkwardLotharia says:

    This is actually very exciting, and whether a winner or not, my boyfriend and I will probably get a copy of the book. One of the interesting things about your story (with pictures) is that my boyfriend is built just like you were before you started Primal. And though I was nervous about showing it to him, he seems really interested in how this program and idea could change his life as well.

    • Matt Madeiro says:

      Glad to hear it! Your boyfriend must be exceedingly handsome. :P

      In all seriousness, though, I’m living proof that Primal works, so pull your boyfriend along for a month or so and I think you’ll both see incredible health benefits. Best of luck! Let me know if you (or him!) ever have any questions as you proceed.

      • AwkwardLotharia says:

        He is incredibly handsome. And so are you, obtw. I hope that you have someone who can fully appreciate you and the commitment you have made to yourself.

        I do have a question though. What originally turned you on (or tuned you in) to Primal? I might have read it on here somewhere already, but I don’t remember what made you start and how you heard about it. Why did you pick Primal out of all the other possibilities?

        • Matt Madeiro says:

          Thank you! That means a lot to me. :) I do have someone at the moment, but that’s just a clever way of saying that I love myself unconditionally. :P

          I found Primal by a happy accident, honestly. I’d heard about Vibram Five Fingers and the improvements they offer in posture and leg strength, so I did a quick search for them. That lead me to Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal, and the rest just followed from there. It’s kind of strange, I guess, that I dove into it so readily, but it just made *sense* on so many levels. I’ve literally not had a moment of doubt at any point in the last nine months or so. That’s partially because of the weight improvements I’ve seen, but partially too because all of the ideas and science behind Primal continue to justify themselves time and time again.

          Give it a shot. I can promise you won’t regret it for a moment. :)

  75. Vicky says:

    Loving your energy, Matt. Anybody my age (60) with experience at Primal?

  76. Melissa says:

    Would love to get these books! :-)

  77. Patrick says:

    I just discovered Primal Blueprint and all things Paleo while getting ready to start Power 90 -> P90X. I have now bookmarked your blog. Thanks!

  78. Chandra says:

    Yep, again and again and again I come back. See ya tomorrow. :D

  79. Robin says:

    I already have both books but I would love another set to help spread the word to some friends.

  80. Dawn says:

    Well, seems as my attempt was fairly fruitless. Oh well.

  81. Rose says:

    Told my housemate about this, she said she’s going to give it a go! =) -also adding another comment for entry-

  82. Eric says:

    Please enter me again!

  83. Ben says:

    Hooray for Primal!

  84. Chandra says:

    I hope I have a good chance; I want to learn and then pass it on. :)

  85. Dawn says:

    I think that once you give up the calories you drink then the carbs become less tempting… Or maybe it’s just my mind thinking “Okay, I can do this slowly. One day at a time. Let’s try the next step.” Oh, and, yes, all of my comments are hopeful entries. I’m just trying to make them more interesting to read is all. lol. :)

    • David says:

      that’s right Dawn, carbs become less tempting. I totally agree with you and i would love to add that when starting out the dieting, you constantly think about food ratios the way you are used to. When you start eating right and also sleeping correctly as well, your days will automatically be freed by worrying about carbs intake. result? you are living your life better, and you fing things more satisfying.

      • Dawn says:

        Interesting. I hope that comes soon. First to get the stress under control while dealing with the low carb flu, lol! Sleep will come when my babe sleep slonger through the night…

  86. Joe Dixon says:

    All right, I’m in. The Primal Diet sounds pretty awesome. And after feeling the effects of four months or so of raw food last year, I can attest that these sort of natural diets are amazing!

  87. Ben says:

    Back again for another entry, woo!

  88. beachrat says:

    There is a lot of interest in these books! But I think Matt you are also winning friends and readers for your blog.

    Vicky, I’m not 60 but 50 is just around the corner, and I can tell you honestly that eating right and sleeping better has literally changed my life — in less than 4 months. I’m still working on the movements/HIIT etc. but I know I will never go back to SAD. I hope it works out for you, too!

    • Vicky Autry says:

      You know, I wish I could impart that 60 feels just like 35 in the head, only with less baggage (if you’re paying attention!). This is why I NEED the Primal Blueprint!!!! I am wanting to do away with excess in every area and use the energy I have to make a difference. BTW, the Gulf is my backyard.

  89. David says:

    I’m back for another entry! :)

  90. David says:

    By tomorrow, 2 Weeks of primal/paleo dieting!

    ps. hey Matt, results are coming fast! :) and I’m into bodybuilding too!
    It’s true, simplicity in dieting means effectively reaching the goals we aim to

    btw nice users, good luck everyone! :)

  91. David says:

    same again, I’m here for those wonderful books! :)

  92. beachrat says:

    Also, I feel so much more positive in general. I am going contra dancing tomorrow night for the first time. I never would have had the nerve to do something like this (even just show up at a room full of strangers!) before. I know whatever happens, I’m going to play and enjoy myself.

  93. Eric says:

    Enter again, please!

  94. Chandra says:


  95. Rose says:

    And because I’d also love to win, I’m asking for another entry please :) x

  96. David says:

    Hey, 2 weeks of paleo dieting! :) I’ve never experienced something like this! :) I’m feeling great and I have never been so alert and focused (I study so much you cannot imagine).
    PS. I’ve lost some pound of body fat too! So excited about the whole thing. I’m looking forward to talk about the paleo lifestyle to my girlfriend!

    Matt, what do you suggest for starting your day without a breakfast? Could a coffee with some sugar work good as well to feed body and mind to keep better focused on work without the food intake?

    • Matt Madeiro says:

      Coffee works fine! I usually enjoy a cup or two while I’m waiting for my eating window to open.

      I’d recommend drinking it black, if you can, but a teaspoon or two of sugar won’t hurt you either. You can also use a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream if you enjoy dairy, as that’s only about 50 calories of healthy fat — not enough to break the fast, as it turns out.

  97. David says:

    another entry anyway :) I’d love to finally read something useful! :)

  98. David says:

    Hey, another one! :)

  99. beachrat says:

    Hey David, for what it’s worth, my philosophy (4 months into this way of life) is, if you wake up hungry, eat some protein/fat. If you don’t, wait until you are hungry. You may find that it’s more natural for you to skip lunch than breakfast; everyone is different.

    I often find I end up having only two meals a day (e.g. around 10 AM and 4 or 5 PM), and sometimes just one, going on purely how my appetite goes. You’ll probably find, the longer you eat this way, the better you’ll get at interpreting your body’s signals.

    Just my unsolicited two-cents’ worth — for free!

    • Dawn says:

      That’s how I have gone as well since the birth of my daughter (yay for natural changes to a healthier me!). It works really well and so long as I try to eat more of the right foods when I do eat then I’m good. Watch supersize me to see why processed junk creates a “need” for more of it. It is truely an addiction.

      Also, I would say black coffee would probably be the best, David, as then you are utilizing any natural nutrients straight from the coffee itself (like that lovely caffeine that is also addictive) instead of a sugar rush that would start your day off badly. Start the day with sugar and the rest of the day tend to be affected by the insulin spikes that result. That’s partly why some people feel the need for mini-meals 6 times a day. Often these meals are based on the conventional food pyramid and, therefor, about 60-90% grain.

    • David says:

      Yes, I agree with you! Must say that I personally feel tempted to skip breakfast because I feel alert and focused on the morning without having to eat something. My only morning routine is made of liquids. coffee, water, tea, whatever you may like and it is appealing to me. I really envy you :) because I personally feel that skipping breakfast makes me eat more during the day, and I am not able to respect my daily intake ratio.

  100. Ben says:

    I would really like to win!

  101. Eric says:

    Great site, great contest. Keep up the good work!

  102. Joe Dixon says:

    Commenting again. Raising my chances. Raising Your Game.

  103. Suzanne says:

    I would love to get a copy of the cookbook.I’ve been primal for 13 days now and am still in induction although I’ve lost about 8 lbs I’m having a tough time staying motivated. My motivation is currently coming from your website, Underground Wellness Podcasts, MDA and SOG. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight. I appreciate all that you guys do in spreading the truth about health.

  104. Chandra says:

    Hey! (^_^)/

  105. Oshun/Aphrodite says:

    I want in! I have heard so much about this book and I really want it! I lost some weight and I have a lot more to lose and from looking on Mark’s website I think he has some great ideas. I am hoping that the Primal Diet would be a really great way to lose more and finally keep it off without so much struggle.

  106. Oshun/Aphrodite says:

    Plus I am a smoker and I am scared of the weight gain you go through when you quit. I quit for two weeks and finally had a meltdown last week and had to have a cigarette!

    At any rate hopefully the tips in the book can help me to keep my weight down – despite the hunger/cravings from quitting smoking.

  107. Mary D says:

    This is such a generous giveaway, I’d be thrilled to win these books! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate :D

  108. Eric says:

    My wife recently decided to give Primal a try, too!

  109. Rob says:

    Hey!!! I still want that book.

  110. beachrat says:

    All right, Sunday! Hi again, Matt, and fellow serial commenters :)

    Does anyone else here use Nutridiary? Today’s irritation is that, having begun to track my measurements a couple of weeks ago, I entered new values today only to find that there’s no way to compare change over time. I can’t even find my old measurements! Very annoying. Well, it’s free, so I guess I can’t complain too much, but what is the point of having a way to record measurements when they can’t be compared? I’m probably missing something really obvious :)

    Other than that, it’s been a reasonably good week. I did have three glasses of wine Thursday at an open house, which led to a less than optimal Friday, but yams, fresh catfish, and some grassfed beef yesterday, sauteed spinach and brussels sprouts (you would not *believe* how good this is in bacon grease) along with slow-roasted beef heart, and I am totally back on track today!

    Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!! Yay for living primal!

  111. David says:

    Hey, I’m here again! :)

  112. David says:

    Nice to see that we have lots of participants!

  113. Rose says:

    And a final entry :) Good luck to everyone!!

  114. David says:

    hey, another entry! :)

  115. David says:

    ah, thanks Matt! even for your suggestions and your Simpler :)

  116. Chandra says:

    I’m here again. (^_^)-b

  117. Joe Dixon says:

    One last time! Raising Your Game.

  118. Sarah Johnson says:

    I have read parts one and two and have been waiting for three…will read once I am done entering the contest…Oh I hope I get picked…I have the book on my kindle but not the cookbook…it just wasn’t in the budget! *sigh*

  119. beachrat says:

    Thanks again for doing this, Matt. It’s been fun to meet others in the comments and congrats in advance to whoever the lucky winner may be!


  120. Eric says:

    Time for one more?

  121. Dawn says:

    Good luck choosing a winner, Matt!

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