Announcing “Roots” — My Next Ebook!

Post Updated on July 14th, 2011 with new info: a new price point, mainly, and slight tweak in content.

A lot can change in a year.

Really, truly, abso-friggin’-lutely — this is a different world. For me, at least, and hopefully for every one of you, too, though I might be unique in placing the ‘blame’ squarely at the door of a big, bold book called The Primal Blueprint.

You might have heard of it. Or you might have seen any number of highly-embarrassing half-naked photos of yours truly spreading the good word of Mark Sisson’s work, and you might have even tagged along to see what would happen next (thanks for that!).

Well. Here we are: nine months lighter, stronger, and simpler, with a pretty keen understanding of just how simple this wild, reckless life can be. That’s a far cry from where I started, I’m happy to say, and a place I’m now even happier to be — the same place that serves as the basis of my second ebook, the upcoming Roots: Growing Back to the Basics of a Simple Life.

I’ll be honest: I suck at marketing, so don’t expect much in the way of flowery, ecstatic prose in this post. The archive of posts here at Three New Leaves should prove, if anything, that I’m much more interested in self-examination, self-critique, and self-improvement without any of the bullshit in tow.

It’s that same idea that has brought me this far, and it’s that same idea that is shaping the development of my new book. Roots, if you bottled it up and took a healthy swig, would taste a little like this:

Basic. Like the tagline suggests, a practical guide to living like we used to: free from the endless complexities of modern life, and free from so many of the forces that have made us what we are today — chemical-laden, pill-popping, mostly-miserable couch potatoes.

Inspirational. Inspiration to examine your own life, puzzling out any last complexities, and inspiration to live as simply, happily, and freely as we can.

Historical. An in-depth (but entertaining!) glimpse into how we’ve come to accept so many things (processed food, alarm clocks, shampoo) as normal — let alone vital — when they’ve only debuted in the last century.

Funny. (As in humorous, of course, not funny-tasting. Or poisonous.)

A lot of these ideas have root in a Paleo lifestyle, admittedly, and the counter-conventional vibe it encourages. Changing what I ate was the first great step, I think, in simplifying my own life, but allow me to stress just one thing: you don’t have to ‘go Paleo’ to enjoy this book.

The call to live simpler, I think, is truly universal. The ideas in this book, likewise, don’t demand any allegiance to any kind of dietary dogma — just a dedication to examine our modern lifestyles, poke some holes that we don’t often think about poking, and change our lives from there.

I’m working hard, too, to make Roots useful to anyone and everyone, whether you’re the young, nomadic type, or whether you’re rooted and established (and everything in between!). As befitting a big release, too, I’m pulling in an additional blogger to contribute her own thoughts on natural simplicity, usually for places where my (intensely manly) knowledge fails to apply.

Like, y’know, bath products.


Yes. Bath products, usually of the feminine persuasion. Here’s a tentative list of what you’ll also find inside the new book, which will clock in at over 100 pages of content:

Food: a new (yet old!) perspective on eating that stresses choice over ‘cheating.’ A call, too, to return to a world without weight, where numbers are the last thing on our minds whenever we sit down for a meal. Further thoughts on fasting, too, with a natural slant — how about eating when you’re actually hungry?

Play: thoughts on the one thing that we frankly just don’t do anymore, and enormously practical tips on how to change that. Play, ladies and gentlemen, is not just for children, as much as the weird looks you get at the park might lead you to believe.

Move: a look at the one change you can make in your daily routine that could have incredible health benefits in the near (and long!) term.

Sleep: an in-depth look at arguably the most vital of all basic needs, and a pretty impassioned argument to start taking it more seriously than we do. A rebellion, too, against the modern human desire to control (alarm clocks, anyone?) the one bodily function we don’t even understand.

Bathe: in which I reveal several shocking secrets about my hygiene routine, likely to the detriment of my friendships both on and offline. But that’s okay — I’m willing to shoulder this burden, my friends, for the benefit of both your body and wallet.

And more!


Or not.

How about a slightly more practical perspective on what Roots has to offer? If you want a more concrete picture of how this book will help you, try these on for size:

1. You’ll wake up without an alarm clock (and sleep much better before you do).

2. You’ll spend far less time (and money, I bet) in the grocery store — and not just on food!

3. You’ll take a good, long look at how you spend most of your day, and probably won’t stand for it. Yes, that’s a terrible hint.

4. You’ll bathe differently. How? It’s much more entertaining to play the mystery card, honestly.

5. You’ll lose — or maintain — your weight effortlessly following just a few simple food and drink rules.

6. You’ll be able to say, with utmost sincerity, that you don’t just eat like a caveperson — you live like one too.

7. And more! Naturally.

Most importantly, though? You’ll change.

You’ll come to realize, if you haven’t already, that there’s a staggering amount of bad advice that constitutes “conventional wisdom.” You’ll realize that life can be simpler, happier, and cheaper than we imagine, and that maybe the best way to move forward is to take a step back.

I’m not trying to glorify the past, here, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to deny one simple fact: modern life — for all of its technology, communication, and wonders — has left us as humans in worse shape than ever before.

What’s the solution, then? Balance. My hope with Roots is that it’ll help us reconnect with an ‘old’ (you might even say Paleo!) way of life, one where basic needs like eating and sleeping carried none of the weight and complexity that they do today. And the best part? We can do this now. We can do this in a world that’s screaming towards convenience, excess, and freaky concoctions like GoGurt, keeping our mind and bodies strong even as we ride the wave of technology into the (arguably more sedentary) future.

My first ebook, Simpler, had a hint of this. In retrospect, though, I’d call it just a stepping stone in my journey towards simplicity. Roots is a kind of sequel, putting those same ideas of simplicity in a broader perspective: strong, natural living, in every part of life that has become muddled and messy in modern times (hint: that’s just about all of them.)

I can’t even describe how excited I am for this. And I’m settling in, now, for the long work ahead, as I’m going to need a good month or more before it’s done.


I’m asking $14.99 for the final product.

I’ve spent some time, now, kicking numbers around, and this one strikes a happy balance — enough to cover design costs and stuff like that, but not nearly so astronomical that people can’t actually enjoy it.

Still a little rich for your blood? You’re in luck!


Between now and April 1st, you can pre-order the book for $4.99.

Let me say that one more time.


That gives you about one solid week to pre-order, if that’s your inclination. Come April 1st, the book will revert to $14.99, and subsequently the pre-ordering will close. You’ll have to wait until launch, then, to snag a copy.

UPDATE: Pre-orders now closed! Thanks for playing, folks, and please check back on April 25th. :)


I’m going to ask one small favor here.

Please retweet this. Share it on Facebook, Stumble it like crazy, and generally take any small steps you like to spread the word about the pre-order sale for the next week. I’d love for as many people as possible to catch wind of this, which is so much easier to do with your help.

Lastly, I wanted to say thanks.

Thank you. To the friends, readers, bloggers, mentors, and every single person who has ever reached out to me in these last nine months of blogging. I’m seriously awestruck to see how much I’ve grown as a result, and I know that progress is due completely to the kind people I’ve met since I started. I don’t do these lists all that often, but I’d like to point out some people in particular who have made an impact on me in a variety of ways:

Whew. That took longer than I thought it would. And I already know I’m forgetting a few, so please don’t hate me forever if your name isn’t on that list!

Again, thank you. If you haven’t reached out, please do so now. My inbox is always open, and I’d love to meet every single one of you.

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Allie says:

    The comment section is empty. Hello, I’m going to fill it up a little bit.
    Congrats on the new ebook!! I’d totally buy it … but I’ve already surpassed my book buying quota by about 40 dollars … *kicks the ground* … Nonetheless, I wish you great success!

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  3. Primal Toad says:

    Congrats on deciding to write your own e-book Matt! $9.99 sounds like a perfect price. I am personally working on a smoothie Recipe e-book and I currently plan on selling it for $9 with a $5 pre order. When I saw you doing this I was amazed since I was basically doing the same thing! I am also working on a free report and will have many small reports in the near future.

    Good luck with this book. I will probably purchase it once it comes out!

    • Matt Madeiro says:

      Thanks, Todd!

      Looking forward to that smoothie ebook. I don’t blend stuff too often, but I’m intrigued by all the raw egg recipes you have bouncing around. :)

  4. Looks great! I’m in (thanks to the fabulous Anna Barlow whom I love with some sort of inappropriateness) and posted it to FB as well.

    It’s getting more and more necessary to shift and change how we are living and doing things. I look forward to reading your take on it. :)

  5. Lee says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just placed my pre-order for Roots and am looking forward to reading it. I enjoyed your ebook “Simpler” very much. You have ideas worthy of sharing, and you share them well. You’re an excellent writer and I want to encourage you to continue!


  6. Mia says:

    Looks awesome! Done and done. ;)

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  10. Kym says:

    cannot. wait. :)

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  12. Andrew says:

    just finished reading it. (from what i’ve tried) most of these methods have had good results. considering that i’ve been reading this book for three weeks (“good lord” right?) and the changes (for the better) have almost been immediate. (like the suggestion to not have electronics on before you go to bed. i slept much better and have felt much more rested because of it)
    i would suggest this book to anyone looking for a life change for the better with no desire to drstically change your day-to-day life.