• The Last Post on Three New Leaves

    The very last post on Three New Leaves — complete with a video of me offering thanks and gratitude for making this blog something I'll always be proud of.

  • Everything I Know About Technology

    The second-to-last post on Three New Leaves offers 2,000 words on one of the most important advancements of our time: technology.

  • Everything I Know About Fitness

    My last week of posts at 3NL continues with Everything I Know About Fitness, 2500+ words on the exercise routine I've developed over the last two years.

  • Everything I Know About Food

    The last week of posts here at 3NL continues with a 3,000+ word guide to my personal favorite subject: food.

  • The Last Week of Three New Leaves

    Paleo, I guess, won’t let me sugarcoat it: my work with Three New Leaves is coming to an end. This Friday, in fact, I’ll publish the last post on this blog, a small video I’m recording now that covers in full every emotion—every word of thanks—I’m feeling as I stare down the last leg of [...]