• Little Leaf: Start Cooking

    Want to make one of the simplest, most satisfying decisions you can ever make for your health? Enter the kitchen.

  • The Thanksgiving Post (And a Book Sale!)

    A few words of gratitude on this day of giving thanks, and a pay-what-you-want book sale to help celebrate this most gracious of seasons.

  • The Art of Being Lazy

    Feeling a little lazy? Keep these points in mind and you might just enjoy the process.

  • Little Leaf: Take a (Mid-Meal) Break

    Little leaves are small, simple ways to change – tiny opportunities for you to impact your life in a big way. Taken alone or altogether, each leaf has one goal in mind: to change your life for the better.

  • A Tribute to Simple Pleasures

    Sometimes we need to step back -- to try and appreciate those simple pleasures that help balance out the stresses of daily life.